Routing Protocol and MPLS consulting projects

Routing Protocol and MPLS Project

Our team has worked on Disaggregated White box Router of various form factors starting from 4G to 300G throughput. We have worked with most of the commercial and open source routing stacks. The products were developed directly for the operators or OEMs and are deployed worldwide. 

Projects Executed

Disaggregated Routing Platforms

Developed Non-Stop-Forwarding (NSF), Non-Stop Routing (NSR), Logical/Virtual Router (LR/VR), Distributed FIB, Socket, Interface Manager, Customized IP Stack for the Routing Control Plane

Metaswitch Routing Stack

DC-OSPF, DC-BGP, DC-RTM Integration with Distributed Interface Manager, and Customized IP-Stack, N-Base integration with Tail-f Management Plane, Distributed FIB

IP Infusion Routing Stack

ZebOS integration with OSPF and MP-BGP, LDP (IPv4 and IPv6) for 6PE and 6VPE support. ZebOS updation to support QOS and Traffic Engineering using RSVP-TE, FRR in with MPLS VPN

Aricent ISS Routing Stack

Design and Development of ISS MPLS Stack, ISS Routing Graceful Restart (GR) Design and Development, ISS enhancement of MP BGP and Multicast Routing Features

Open Source Routing Stack

Our team has experience with multiple open source projects like XORP, FRR, DANOS. – Added MPLS VPN and LDP support in XORP Control Plane. Added ISIS, 6PE, 6VPE support in DANOS, OSPFv3 VRF Support in FRR

Disaggregated White box Integration

Worked on integration of Routing Software in White box from diferent ODMs like Edgecore, Ufispace, Accton. Worked on Broadcom DNX & XGS chipset, Intel DPDK, NXP DPAA, Cavium based White box