Disaggregated Router

Technology Expertise

We have delivered more than 30 projects to our customers in US, India, Australia, Middle-East and South-East Asian countries. Our projects have predominantly been for Mobile Operators, Cloud Providers and OEMs in Computer Network, Telecommunication and IOT. The products are deployed in the Network and supporting millions of customers.
Our team gets involved in the Requirement Analysis, Architecture & Design, Evaluation of Hardware & Software, Software Development and its Hardware Integration. Few of the product developed for our customers includes White box MPLS VPN Router & Disaggregated Gateway using Broadcom/NXP/Ezchip, SD-WAN Appliance, DPDK integration of TCP/IP/MPLS/GTP Stack for CNFs & VNFs, Virtual DPI/Cyber Security/PCEF Function, VOIP Gateway, Industrial IOT Edge Gateway.

Datacom & Telecom

Disaggregated SDWAN Dataplane Stack

Developed a disaggregated forwarding stack for TCP/IP/IPv6 and integrated with DPDK. The disaggregated forwarding stack was integrated to intel based SDWAN white box or VNF. The forwarding Stack was integrated to Metaswitch Routing Stack and Configuration and Management was Tail-f Netconf Integration.

DPI, ALG VNF Service Chaining

Integrated QOSMOS DPI Engine to the Packet processing library for application detection of each session and session level telemetry. PJSIP Stack was integrated to the library for SIP, RTP, FTP header parsing. The library was used to derive various Security functions like DPI, ALG, Firewall, CGNAT that could be deployed as a White box or VNF.

10G Customer Edge Gateway

Developed the Forward Information Base in NXP DPAA SDK for an Enterprise Gateway. It ran the FRR Routing Stack that supported LDP, OSPF, BGP protocols. The Gateway aggregates IP traffic from various ports and acts as a CE router for the MPLS VPN Cloud.

Disaggregated Access Router Broadcom

Added IPv6 6PE and 6VPE support on Broadcom White box with IP Infusion Routing Stack. The Disaggregated White box supported Broadcom Qumran and Katana Chipset. Added multiple enhancement to OSPF, BGP, LDP, RSVP, TE-FRR protocols for IPv6 support.